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Should Everyone Applying for Disability Benefits Have a Lawyer?
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Social Security Disability Attorney In Los Angeles

Should Everyone Applying for Disability Benefits Have a Lawyer?

If you are applying for Social Security Disability benefits, you may wish to hire an attorney with experience in helping applicants to navigate the Social Security Disability benefits claim process. Many people who try to obtain benefits will end up having their claims denied. A Los Angeles disability lawyer can help you to reduce the chances of a denial and can assist you in responding to a denied claim by appealing to try to obtain benefits. 

Do You Always Need a Lawyer to Apply for Disability Benefits?

You may wish to involve a lawyer in your application process as early as possible so you can improve your chances of getting an initial claim approved. More than half of all applications are denied, and some are denied because the right types of information are not provided to the Social Security Administration (SSA) or because information is not presented in the proper way. 

If you are clearly very sick and you have a condition that allows for expedited benefits (called a Compassionate Allowance Condition), you may be able to just send in your application and medical records. However, when your health is bad enough that you can qualify more easily, dealing with the stress of an application process can be overwhelming. Having a lawyer could thus still make sense. 

If your disability is one that is not specifically listed on the Social Security's listing of impairments, or if your initial application is denied and you must appeal, then having a lawyer representing you becomes very important. You should contact a Los Angeles disability benefits attorney as soon as you can to find out how an attorney can help in your particular situation. 

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