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How Does the Social Security Administration Decide if You're Disabled

When you are disabled and you apply for Social Security Disability insurance, the Social Security Administration will make an assessment regarding whether you are sufficiently disabled to qualify for benefits.

More than half of all applicants for benefits are denied, so it is important to understand how the Social Security Administration determines if you are considered disabled enough to be eligible for benefits. A Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer can help you to submit the strongest possible claim for benefits. 

How the Social Security Administration Determines if You're Disabled

When the Social Security Administration assesses whether or not you are disabled, the SSA looks at a number of factors including:

  • Whether you're currently engaged in substantial gainful employment. If you're earning too much, you won't be considered disabled. 
  • Whether you can do any job, including jobs your qualifications transfer to, despite your disabling condition. 
  • Whether your condition will last for a year, has lasted a year, or will be fatal. 
  • Whether your condition is listed on the Social Security Administration's listing of impairments and if you have the accompanying symptoms required for that condition.  If your condition isn't listed, the SSA looks at whether your condition is equivalent in severity to the listed conditions.

A Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer can help you to prove you meet the key criteria to be considered disabled so you can maximize the chances of your benefits claim being approved. Contact an attorney for help as soon as you become disabled, as it takes time to put together a claim and get approved for benefits.

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Social Security Disability Benefits vs. Workers Comp Disability

When you've sustained an injury or become ill and you cannot work, you'll likely need to find a way to obtain disability benefits so you can provide for your loved ones. Social Security Disability benefits are one of the options you have and workers' compensation disability benefits are another.

Social Security disability and workers' compensation disability benefits work very differently. A Los Angeles disability benefits attorney can provide you with assistance in determining which benefits to apply for to maximize your income.

Social Security or Workers' Comp Disability Benefits?

Social Security disability benefits are available to people with long-term disabling conditions only, so if you have suffered a short-term disability due to a work-related illness or injury, you'll need to try to obtain workers' compensation disability benefits.

Workers' compensation disability benefits will be available to you only if your illness or injury is work-related so if you have a disabling condition that has not been caused by your job, Social Security disability benefits may be the only option available to you.

The process of applying for Social Security disability and the requirements for becoming eligible for benefits also differs. For example, workers' comp provides partial disability benefits if you can still do some work but your salary is reduced due to impairment while Social Security benefits are available to you only if you aren't able to do any work at all due to your condition.

A Los Angeles Disability benefits attorney can provide you with assistance understanding the different benefits programs, determining which is best for your situation, and submitting an application to the correct program. Contact an attorney for help as soon as possible after you have become disabled.

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Workplace Protections for Disabled Workers

If you are disabled, you may face difficulties earning a living. You do, however, have rights under the law that are supposed to protect you and maximize your chances of being able to remain gainfully employed. Some of the protections in the workplace for disabled workers include:

  • Protection from discrimination in the terms of employment. Thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act, employers are not allowed to discriminate against you in deciding whether to hire you or fire you because of your disability. Employers also cannot discriminate against you on the terms of your employment as a result of your disability. 
  • Protection from a hostile work environment. It is illegal for co-workers or managers at your company to create a hostile work environment on the basis of your disability. If you are bullied or harassed because you are disabled, the law is being violated.
  • The right to reasonable accommodations. Employers must make reasonable accommodations to allow you to work with your disability at a job for which you are otherwise qualified. 

Unfortunately, even with these workplace protections, many disabled people are unable to work due to their conditions. If you have a long-term disability and cannot have a job because of it, you should contact a Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer for help obtaining Social Security Disability income. 

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Can Any Disabled Person Get SSI Benefits?

The Social Security Administration operates the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program, which is intended to provide benefits for people who are older and for people who are disabled. Unfortunately, while SSI is supposed to be a safety net for people with serious disabilities, many people who apply for benefits have their applications denied.   

In some cases, denials are improper and can be overturned on appeal. However, it is important to understand what the rules actually are for qualifying for benefits, as not every disabled person is eligible for SSI. To be eligible for benefits:

  • You must have a low income and limited assets: If you earn too much money or if you own too much property, you cannot qualify to receive SSI. The amount you are allowed to earn will vary depending upon poverty level in your area and the size of your family. 
  • You must have a qualifying disability: The SSA is very strict in its definition of disabled. Your condition must be a long-term one, as there is no coverage for short-term disabilities. Your condition either must be listed on the SSA's Listing of Impairments, and you must have specific symptoms associated with your condition, or you must show your condition is as severe as those listed.
  • Your condition must stop you from earning a living: You must be unable to work at any job for which you would be qualified. Your disability needs to significantly interfere with activities of daily living and make working impossible. 

A Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer can help you to determine if you can qualify for Supplemental Security Income based on your medical condition and household income. Contact an attorney for help finding out if you are eligible for benefits and for assistance applying. 

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What Does it Mean to be Disabled for SSDI?

When you are not able to work because you have a serious illness or injury, there are programs that could help you to obtain monthly income. The Social Security Administration provides two different benefits programs to disabled individuals: Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). 

While SSI and SSDI work differently -- SSI is means-tested and SSDI is not but eligibility is based on your work history -- both have a similarly strict definition of "disabled" that you must meet in order to qualify for benefits. To be considered disabled:

  • Your condition must be a long-term one: Your medical issues must have lasted a year or more, must be expected to last that long, or must be expected to be terminal. 
  • Your condition must be listed in the Blue Book or must be medically equivalent to a condition listed: The Blue Book is a shorthand name for the Listing of Impairments the Social Security Administration (SSA) has assembled. If your condition is listed in the Blue Book, and you have the requisite symptoms that the SSA has identified must be associated with that condition, then you should be able to get benefits. If you don't have a listed condition and accompanying symptoms, you'd have to prove the condition you do have is medically equivalent in severity. 
  • Your condition must stop you from working: You must be unable to engage in substantial gainful activity (defined as earning above a certain income) and your condition must stop you from doing any job you had in the past or any job which your skills would transfer to. 

A Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer will assist you in determining your condition is a qualifying one and will help you to apply for benefits if you should be covered. Contact an attorney for help as soon as possible when you have a medical condition affecting your work abilities. 

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Your Rights if You are Disabled

If you have become disabled, it is important to understand the ways in which the law protects you.  A Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer can help you to make sure you enforce your rights and take advantage of the legal benefits and protections available to you, so you should contact an attorney as soon as you can.

Some of the key rights that you have as a disabled person include:

  • The right to be free from discrimination: The Americans With Disabilities Act protects you from various types of discrimination connected to your disabling condition. For example, employers cannot refuse to hire you and cannot discriminate against you in the terms and conditions of employment as a result of your disability. 
  • The right to long-term disability benefits if you meet qualifying criteria: If you worked and earned work credits, you should be entitled to Social Security Disability Insurance income if you have a qualifying long-term disability. If you have a qualifying long-term disability and have a low income and limited resources, you could also be entitled to benefits from Supplemental Security Income. 
  • The right to workers' compensation coverage if your disability is work-related: If you got hurt because of your work duties, you should be entitled to receive workers' compensation benefits. Benefits can provide disability income as well as coverage for medical care you need in connection with your work-related disabling condition. 

A Los Angeles Disability benefits attorney is here and ready to help you fight for the benefits that you need and deserve. Contact an attorney to get help, as many qualified disabled individuals are denied Social Security disability or other benefits they deserve. 

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What is a Social Security Administrative Law Judge?

Navigating the process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits is difficult, especially since there is a greater-than-50% chance you will need to go through the appeals process due to a denial of your initial application. There are multiple stages of appeals, beginning with a request for reconsideration and then moving onto a hearing before an administrative law judge. 

If you have moved on to the hearing stage, it's important to understand what a Social Security Administrative law judge is. An administrative law judge:

  • Works for the Social Security Administration: An administrative law judge (ALJ) is not a judge in a state or a federal court. The ALJ works for the Social Security Administration. The ALJ still is unbiased and will not show favoritism for the SSA's case, but you shouldn't expect that you will be going to a regular court. 
  • Presides only over Social Security cases: Administrative law judges only decide cases related to Social Security disputes. This means the judge who is making a decision on your case will have heard many similar claims in the past and will be intimately familiar with the law and with the legal arguments made by both disability benefits applicants and the Social Security Administration. 
  • Makes decisions that can be appealed: If you are dissatisfied with the decision made by the administrative law judge, you don't just have to accept the judge's opinion as the final word. You can appeal to the Social Security Administration's appeals board and, ultimately, could appeal in federal court if you are not successful with the internal appeals process. 

A Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer can help you to make a compelling case to present to the Social Security Disability administrative law judge. Call now and find out more today from an attorney who can advocate for you. 

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What to Know About Request for Reconsideration

When you have applied for Social Security Disability benefits, there is a good chance your initial claim for benefits will be denied. Many legitimate claims are not initially approved, especially as application denial rates by the Social Security Administration are over 50 percent. 

A Los Angeles Social Security disability lawyer can help you after your claim for benefits is denied.  You are entitled to appeal, and there is a multi-stage appeals process that an experienced attorney can help you through. One of those stages is called request for reconsideration. The key things to know about request for reconsideration are:

  • Request for reconsideration is the first stage of the appeals process. You'll need to file your appeal immediately after your initial claim is denied if you want the application for benefits to be considered again during this first appeals phase. 
  • Request for reconsideration involves having your records looked at again. A different disability claims examiner than the person who reviewed your original file will look at the application and documentation you submitted in order to assess whether you should be eligible for benefits or not.  
  • If your request for reconsideration is not successful, you will need to attend a disability appeals hearing before an administrative law judge. It could take around a year, and sometimes longer, to get your case before a judge so you can fight for benefits. 

A Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer will help you with your request for reconsideration and will, if necessary, help with additional appeals. Contact an attorney as soon as you can when you have received an initial denial of your claim so you don't miss the deadline and lose your chance to appeal your benefits denial. 

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3 Things to Do Immediately After Suffering a Disabling Injury

When you experience a disabling injury, your life will change dramatically in profound ways. While you need to focus on your recovery, it is also important to begin taking steps that will allow you to have a secure future -- even if your disability stops you from working on a temporary or permanent basis. 

If you have been hurt, some of the key steps you should take after suffering your injury include:

  • Notifying your employer: This is especially important if your injury was work-related, as you may be entitled to workers' compensation disability benefits if you provide timely notice of the injury to your employer. Even if your injury was not work-related, you should let your employer know right away so you can find out key information about your health insurance, whether you have any disability insurance through your workplace, and whether you can take leave or perhaps work in a modified version of your old job. 
  • Finding a medical specialist: A specialist can help you to get the very best care. You will also want to have detailed medical records prepared by a specialist in case you need to apply for Social Security Disability benefits. 
  • Talking with a Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer: An attorney can help you to determine if there are benefits available to you through workers' compensation or through Social Security Disability Insurance that you could potentially qualify for. There are deadlines for applying for benefits, and it can sometimes be hard to get claims approved, so getting timely legal help can be very important. 

You should take action right away to talk with an attorney. Call today for help from a disability benefits lawyer in Los Angeles with the experience to guide you through the process of applying for benefits and maximizing the chances your claim will be approved. 

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Why Did My Social Security Benefits Claim Get Denied?

If you apply for Social Security Disability benefits, you should get help from a Los Angeles Social Security Disability lawyer. Getting legal help is advised because more than half of all applications are denied by the Social Security Administration, even though many people whose applications are denied have a legitimate disability that prevents them from working. 

An attorney can help you to reduce the chances of having your claim denied. Your lawyer can also assist you in quickly responding with an appeal if you do get a denial. There are many possible reasons for a claim to be denied including:

  • Inadequate medical records: The Social Security Administration needs to see your medical records as part of the application process. If your records don't show you have a qualifying disabling condition, or if your records aren't from a specialist in the field who is treating you, the SSA may deny your claim for benefits. 
  • An income that's too high or an incomplete work history: Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is means-tested, which means if you have a high income or too many assets, you will not be able to get benefits.  Social Security Disability Insurance isn't means tested, but you can't get benefits if you have not worked and earned work credits, unless you qualify on a spouse or parent's work record. The number of necessary work credits is determined based on your age. 
  • Insufficient proof that your disability prevents you from working: You will be granted benefits only if your condition makes it impossible for you to work in the job you most recently had, in any past job, or in any job your skills would transfer to.  

A Los Angeles Social Security Disability lawyer will help you to ensure that you do everything possible to prove to the SSA that you are disabled enough to get benefits. Contact an attorney today for help applying for your benefits. 

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Do I Have to Follow a Doctor’s Treatment Recommendations To Get Disability Benefits?

If you are applying for Social Security Disability benefits, you will need to meet certain requirements. The requirements relate to the types of condition you must have, and the symptoms you must exhibit. You'll need to provide detailed medical records to the Social Security Administration proving the extent of your disabling condition. 

The SSA will not only consider what your condition is, but also how you have treated your condition since it was developed. The SSA will look at your medical records to see if you have made attempts to improve your condition so you can restore your health well enough to continue to work in your most recent job or in another job for which you are qualified.  

In some cases, however, your medical records may reveal that you could have underwent treatment and you declined it.  If you have refused treatment, you could be denied eligibility for Social Security Disability Income, provided that the treatment is a medically recognized and accepted treatment within the area of medicine affecting your disability. 

If your benefits claim has been approved and you are currently receiving Social Security Disability benefits, you will also need to undergo recommended treatments that medical doctors believe could improve your health. If you could have a surgery to resolve your injuries, for example, you would need to undergo that surgery as long as it was a reasonable medical procedure that was the accepted standard for treatment and didn't carry undo risk. 

If you refuse to have a medically accepted treatment without justification, you could be at risk of having the Social Security Administration end your benefits. Before you make a decision on treatment that has been recommended to you by a doctor, it is important to talk with a Los Angeles Social Security Disability benefits lawyer to find out if your refusal could put your disability income at risk.

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How to Find a Good Doctor To Help If You Become Disabled

If you become disabled by an illness or by an injury, it is important to find a qualified medical professional who can provide appropriate treatment to you. You will need to ensure that you have a doctor who is skilled not only in providing medical care, but also who can help you to ensure you will be able to qualify for Social Security Disability income when you need it.  

To find a doctor who has the skills and qualifications you need, you should look for:

  • A doctor who is licensed to practice medicine in your state and who doesn't have a history of malpractice complaints: You'll need a licensed doctor who is in good standing with the state medical board and who has not been accused multiple times in the past of providing improper care.
  • A specialist in the field. It is important to make sure your doctor is a specialist in the type of medicine related to your disability. If you have a heart condition, for example, you want to ensure that your doctor is a cardiologist. It's important to find a doctor who is a specialist as the Social Security Administration will require medical information and that information will carry more weight in getting your benefits claim approved if it comes from a specialist who treats you regularly. 
  • A doctor familiar with the Social Security Disability claims process: It is ideal if your doctor understands what is involved in helping patients to get benefits, as you may need help from your doctor not only with providing medical records but also in case you need to appeal a benefits denial. 

A Los Angeles Social Security Disability benefits lawyer can help you to understand what types of medical information you need to maximize the chances of your benefits claim being approved. Get help from a lawyer as soon as possible, as many claims are denied and you'll want to submit the strongest possible application. 

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How To Make Sure Social Media Doesn’t Hurt Your Disability Benefits Claim

A Los Angeles Social Security disability attorney provides help in applying for benefits from the Social Security Administration if you are too disabled to work. Two programs -- Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) -- provide monthly disability income for qualifying workers with serious long-term medical conditions expected to last a year or be terminal. 

There are many strict qualification requirements for obtaining SSDI or SSI benefits, including meeting a specific definition of disabled. The SSA considers a number of factors, including evidence provided by your treating physician. The Social Security Administration might also look at your social media profiles to try to get clues into whether you're actually disabled or not. To make sure your social media doesn't hurt your benefits claim:

  • Don't post anything that could indicate your disability isn't serious: There have been many cases where people lost their Disability benefits because it was determined that posts on social media showed they weren't hurt at all. For example, a worker might lose access to benefits -- and even face fraud charges-- if he claims to have a severe back injury but posts pictures of himself lifting heavy boxes to help a friend move. 
  • Don't let your friends or loved ones tag you in pictures: While you may be careful what you do with your digital content, your friends may not be. You don't want to be caught in an inopportune moment where you look healthier than you are and end up losing benefits because the photo of you at this moment is tagged on social media and catches the eye of disability claims examiners. 

Los Angeles Social Security disability lawyers can help you to understand how Social Media could impact your disability benefits claim and can assist you in taking appropriate steps to get benefits. Call today to find out more. 

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Is it Hard for Young People to Qualify for Disability Benefits?

Becoming disabled due to an illness or injury when you are young can be devastating, especially if your condition prevents you from being able to work. It's important to take action to ensure you have income and access to benefits that you need. A Los Angeles disability benefits attorney can help you to identify what benefits you are eligible for and can assist you in applying for benefits.

Young people can face more challenges than older people in getting benefits for a few key reasons:

  • Young people may not have earned enough work credits. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is one of two disability benefits programs run by the Social Security Administration. To become eligible for SSDI, a worker must have worked, paid taxes and earned work credits. Young people who become disabled without earning these work credits could be unable to get SSDI unless they can qualify on a spouse or parent's work record. This means they could be limited to getting SSI benefits, which typically provide a lower monthly income than SSDI benefits. 
  • Young people may have more ability to work when disabled: When applying for Social Security disability benefits, one key factor is whether you are able to do any job you're qualified for. If you can work at any position, you likely won't get approved for benefits. While older workers nearing retirement who have been in the same job for a long time may be viewed as having few transferable skills and being unable to do a job they can do with their condition, it is more likely that young people would be seen as being capable of finding some kind of job they can do while disabled.

A Los Angles Social Security benefits lawyer can help you to determine if you should be eligible for benefits based on your condition -- regardless of your age. An attorney can also help with the process of applying for benefits to maximize the chances of a successful application. Contact an attorney as soon as you become disabled. 

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What if I Get Disabled Shortly After I Start My Career?

Becoming disabled can affect your ability to perform work and earn a living. Unfortunately, thousands of people get sick or hurt each year and end up being unable to work. In some tragic cases, those who become disabled are young workers who are just starting out in their careers.

If you are a new worker and you become disabled shortly after starting your career, it's important to talk to a Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer. Your attorney can explain to you what your options are for getting benefits through the Social Security Administration or through workers' compensation. 

What if You Become Disabled When You're Newly Working?

If you become disabled when you are newly working:

  • You may be eligible for workers' compensation disability income. Disability benefits through workers' comp are available even if you get hurt your first day on the job, as long as you are a covered employee who suffers a work-related injury. However, workers' comp only pays if your injury is work-related. 
  • You may be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance. SSDI can provide disability income until you recover and can return to work or until you retire and become eligible for Social Security retirement benefits. You must have a serious, qualifying long-term disability to get SSDI benefits. You also must have earned a sufficient number of work credits to qualify, which can be a problem for new workers. The number of work credits you must have earned will vary based on your age when you're disabled, so don't assume you won't be eligible just because you're young when you become disabled. You could also potentially get benefits based on a spouse's or parent's work record. 
  • You may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income: Qualifying can be difficult and the definition of disabled is narrow, just like with Social Security Disability Insurance. However, you don't need to have earned work credits to get benefits, which can be helpful if your career is too new for you to have earned sufficient credits at the time of your disability. This program is means tested, and you'll need to ensure you have limited assets and income to qualify. 

A Los Angeles disability benefits attorney will help you to explore options for getting benefits. Contact a lawyer as soon a possible if you become disabled at the start of your career. 

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Which Pays More: SSI or SSDI?

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a program for lower income disabled people to get monthly income if they have a condition that prevents them from being able to work. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is also a program that provides income to people who have a long-term disability that stops them from being able to work and earn a living. 

A Los Angeles Social Security disability attorney provides help in qualifying for SSI or SSDI, depending upon your specific situation. An attorney can work with you to determine which program you can qualify for and which will provide you with the larger income.  In most cases, SSDI provides a larger amount of money to eligible disabled workers. 

  • The maximum SSI payment as of 2017 is $735 per month, according to the Social Security Administration. SSI payments are a flat rate and aren't specifically based on your past earning records, although your benefits could be reduced or eliminated if you work and earn income while on SSI. 
  • SSDI benefits are typically higher than SSI benefits because the amount you can receive from SSDI is based on work credits earned and past income earned. The maximum Social Security benefit is much higher for SSDI recipients than SSI recipients, and while most people don't earn the maximum benefit, average payments for disabled workers receiving SSDI total more than $1,000 monthly. 

Because SSDI generally provides a larger monthly income for disabled workers than SSI does, it is usually best if you can get your benefits through SSDI -- as long as you are able to qualify. A Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer can help you to determine if you could be eligible for SSDI based on your own earnings record or based on a spouse or parent's work history. If you are eligible, we can help you to apply and maximize the chances of getting benefits. 

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Key Differences Between SSI and SSDI

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) are both available to people who have a long-term disabling condition that impairs their ability to work.  However, while both programs are similar in their definition of disabled, and while both programs can be difficult to qualify for, there are important differences. The key differences are:

  • SSDI has a work requirement: You must have earned work credits -- with the required number based on your age -- to get SSDI benefits when you're disabled.  There in not a work history requirement for SSI, and those who are disabled can still get SSI benefits despite having no history of working at all. 
  • SSI is means tested: If you have too much income or too many assets, you aren't eligible for SSI. SSDI is not means-tested so you can still qualify for disability benefits even if you have a high household income as long as you meet the criteria for being considered disabled. 
  • SSDI payments are based on your earnings record: SSDI payment amounts are determined based on how much money you have paid in taxes into the system. SSI payments are not based on your past earnings record. 
  • SSDI can make it easier to try returning to work: SSDI has a Ticket to Work program which makes it easier for you to try your hand at returning to the workforce when you have become disabled. For SSI recipients, on the other hand, you have less leeway regarding when and how you can earn income while still having access to your monthly SSDI benefits. 

Los Angeles Social Security disability attorneys can assist you in determining if you should apply for Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance. We can also help you with the application process for each program. Contact us today to find out about the help we can provide. 

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How Should You Determine if You Should Try to Work with a Disability?

If you have a disability, the disabling condition can affect your ability to work. Social Security Disability can provide you with income if your disability is a covered long-term condition. However, SSD is difficult to qualify for and it takes a long time to get benefits. Los Angeles Social Security disability lawyers will help you to try to make your benefits claim and gain access to SSD income when you need it. 

Whether you have not yet begun receiving SSD benefits or you are already a benefits recipient, there may come a time when you want to try to work even with your disability. To help you decide if attempting to work is something you should do, consider:

  • The impact of working on your disability benefits: Supplemental Security Income benefits can be reduced quickly once you begin working. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) has a trial work program that makes it easier to attempt to work without jeopardizing access to Social Security disability income. You need to know what the rules are for the benefits you're receiving and make sure you don't jeopardize access to money you need.
  • The likelihood of finding and maintaining work: There is a much higher unemployment rate among disabled people than the general population. Although employers are prohibited from discriminating on the basis of disability, it can still be hard for disabled workers to get a chance at finding meaningful work. Your disability could also affect your ability to reliably complete your job, which could make it harder to keep your position. 

Los Angeles Social Security Disability attorneys can assist you in understanding the rules for working on benefits and can help you to ensure you don't jeopardize your disability income. Give us a call for help. 

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What Can Disabled Workers Do to Maximize the Chances of Finding Work?

If you are disabled, you may receive Social Security Disability income if your condition is a long-term one. Social Security Disability income is an important lifeline for disabled people who cannot work at all because of their medical conditions.

For some recipients of Social Security Disability benefits, returning to work is desirable, both because disability benefits may not provide a very high income and because disabled individuals often want to do something productive with their time. Unfortunately, unemployment rates are very high among disabled workers, and finding a job can be a challenge.  To maximize your chances of finding work:

  • Polish up your resume: Make sure your resume clearly shows your skills and abilities that are relevant to the job that you are hoping to undertake. Make sure it is free of typos and portrays you as the most attractive possible candidate.
  • Consider doing volunteer work: If you've been out of the workforce for a while because of your disability, employers may be concerned that you won't have the stamina to work. Consider doing relevant volunteer work to showcase recent experience and to get a reference who can attest to your abilities. Your volunteer position could potentially lead to you getting hired. 
  • Tap into your professional network: Past coworkers, friends and family may all be able to help you find a job you can do with your disability.

It's important to understand how working can affect your disability benefits. Social Security Disability Insurance has a Ticket to Work program designed to encourage you to attempt to return to the workforce, but you should make sure to talk with a Los Angeles Social Security Disability lawyer before you attempt to get a job or return to the workforce so you don't take a chance on losing the benefits you need. 

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Protecting Your Finances After a Serious Illness or Injury

A serious illness or injury could leave you with costly medical bills. If you become disabled due to the illness or injury, you may be unable to work or your earning power could be reduced. It's imperative you find ways to protect your financial situation so your medical emergency doesn't lead to financial problems that will haunt you over the long-term.

To protect yourself financially after a serious illness or injury:

  • Find out about your benefits as soon as possible: You could be eligible for short-term disability insurance coverage if you have a privately purchased policy or a policy bought through your work. You could also be eligible for workers' compensation disability benefits if your injury or illness is work related, or could be eligible for Social Security Disability if you have a long-term disabling condition. You need to understand what your benefits options are so you can get income coming in as quickly as possible if you cannot work. 
  • Get care from a covered doctor: If you have health insurance coverage, make sure you are getting covered in-network care to keep your expenditures down. Find out from your doctor and insurer what is covered before you get treatment. If you don't have comprehensive insurance, you may become eligible for Medicaid along with qualifying for Supplemental Security Income or, after a waiting period, could get Medicare if you qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance. 
  • Talk with a lawyer for help: You often need legal representation to get Social Security Disability benefits or workers' compensation benefits, even when you should be entitled to these benefits by law. 

A Los Angeles Social Security Disability benefits lawyer will help you to take swift action after you get sick or hurt so you can qualify for benefits as soon as possible and protect your finances. Contact an attorney right away when your health affects your work abilities so you don't experience a longer delay than necessary in getting benefits to cover you. 

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