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Going to work while being disabled

adult disabled struggling in life

Everyone loves not having to go to work and having some free time such as going to vacations or enjoying time alone at home doing things you love at home. But after a while it may get boring as being at work gives you a purpose and something to look forward to.  

If you go to work while being disabled but your disability is causing it difficult for you to continue working do not worry we have a solution for you.  

The Social Security Disability (SSDI) is actually designed to help disabled people go to work. If you are disabled you can apply for the SSDI or SSI programs and get your social security claims if qualified. If your application gets approved you don’t have to sit at home and do nothing. You can find work and other incentives through the Ticket to Work Program (TWP). Through this program you can receive: 

  • Job referrals according to your disability; 
  • Training for jobs such as a ptsd veteran wanting to work as a travel agent; 
  • Free vocational rehabilitation and other employment support 

If you are working but you become disabled again or the disability effects return again your benefits will start again without having to file another application. You would just need to inform the SSA about the shift in your health status.  

You can contact social security attorneys at Disability Advocates Group law firm (DAG) for a more detailed consultation on your case.  

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