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Do Employers Have to Accommodate Disabled Workers?

When you are disabled and not able to work, you should apply for benefits from the Social Security Administration. A Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer can provide you with assistance in pursuing a claim for benefits so you can have income you need even if your condition prevents you from having a job. 

In some cases, people who are disabled want to try working despite their condition. If this occurs, employers have to make reasonable accommodations. 

An Employer's Obligation to Accommodate Disabled Workers

Whether you are currently employed or you are applying for jobs with a disability, the Americans With Disabilities Act provides you with protection from discrimination. Employers cannot refuse to hire you, cannot refuse to promote you, and cannot fire you as a result of your disability. 

Employers are also required by the Americans With Disabilities Act to make accommodations that are reasonable in order to enable to you to do a job you are otherwise qualified to do. For example, if you have a medical condition that makes it hard for you to stand up, an employer could accommodate you by providing a seat at a position you might otherwise be required to stand to do. As long as the accommodation didn't present an undo burden, an employer would be required to make it. 

Laws protecting disabled workers can make it easier for you to find work or keep your job-- but it can still be difficult to stay employed if you have a serious medical condition. If your ailments prevent you from working because of their severity, you should reach out to Los Angeles Social Security disability benefits attorneys to get help pursuing a claim for disability income.

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