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Can You Qualify for Social Security Disability with a Mental Disorder

Having a mental disorder can be frustrating to cope with, as managing your condition is often difficult. Unfortunately, your disorder may also interfere with your professional life and prevent you from having a job. 

If you have found that your mental disorder makes it impossible for you to work, you should reach out to a Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer. An attorney can help you to determine if you are likely to qualify for Social Security disability benefits. If you meet the criteria for eligibility, your attorney can also provide the help that you need to submit your application and prove the severity of your mental disorder. 

Qualifying for Social Security Disability with a Mental Disorder

Mental disorders are treated just the same as any other condition by the Social Security Administration. That means you have to prove your disorder is severe and makes it impossible for you to have any job you'd be qualified for.

The Social Security has a "blue book," which lists different kinds of impairments that are usually severe enough to make you eligible to receive disability benefits. Mental disorders are listed within section 12.00 of the blue book.

If your mental disorder is found within section 12.00, you'll need to determine if you can prove you have the specific symptoms required to get benefits. If it's not listed, you could still potentially get disability income from the Social Security Administration but would have to prove it is medically equivalent in severity. 

Some of the mental disorders listed in section 12.00 include schizophrenia, cognitive disorders, depression, bipolar syndrome, and intellectual disorders. If you have been diagnosed with these or other listed conditions, or if you have other severe mental problems, you should reach out to a Los Angeles disability benefits attorney for help today. 

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Can you Qualify for Social Security Disability With a Speech Disorder?

There are many types of serious medical conditions that can qualify you for Social Security disability benefits. A Los Angeles disability benefits attorney can help you to determine if your medical condition makes you eligible for benefits. 

One type of disorder that could potentially make you eligible for benefits is speech disorders. While not every speech disorder qualifies, those who have such disorders should reach out to an attorney to find out whether they can get disability income if their disorder stops them from working.

Can You Qualify for Disability Benefits with a Speech Disorder?

To make it easier to determine if disabled individuals qualify for benefits, the Social Security has a "blue book" or listing of disorders that can usually make you eligible for benefits.

Speech disorders are covered within Section 2 of the blue book. Section 2 also addresses other disorders of the senses, such as vision disorders. 

Within Section 2, the Social Security Administration indicates that loss of speech could result in disability benefits if a person becomes unable to produce sound by any means of speech that can be heard and understood. Loss of speech can be covered regardless of the cause. 

You will still need to prove the loss of speech prevents you from working at any job for which you are qualified, but the fact that this condition is listed in the blue book should increase your chance of becoming eligible for benefits. 

A Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer can help you to prove you cannot work due to your speech disorder, so contact an attorney for help as soon as possible. 

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Are Disability Benefits Enough to Live On?

Social Security disability benefits may be your only source of income if you are too disabled to work. Qualifying for these benefits can be a big challenge, as more than half of applicants who attempt to get benefits have their claims denied and need to go through the appeals process. A disability benefits attorney in Los Angeles can provide help in qualifying for benefits, so you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. 

Your attorney can help you to determine what types of benefits you are entitled to and can work with you to try to maximize the benefits you receive so you can try to make sure your Social Security Disability benefits are enough to live on. 

Can You Live on Social Security Benefits Alone?

Social Security Disability benefits can take two forms: Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance. The amount of benefits you receive will depend upon which of these programs you qualify for benefits under as well as based on your income.

If you qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), for example, your benefits amount will be based upon how much you actually paid into the system while you were working and earning work credits.

Whether you qualify for benefits through SSI or SSDI, living on your benefits can be challenging, especially if you don't have a long work history and you have not earned a lot of wages so your disability benefits isn't large. However, many people do make do on Social Security disability because they have no choice since their disabling condition stops them from working.

If you'll need to rely on Social Security to pay for your expenses, you want to try to get benefits as soon as possible after you become disabled. A Los Angeles Social Security Disability benefits lawyer can help you to submit your application and to try to get benefits in a timely manner. 

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What Happens if You're Denied for Social Security Disability?

If you apply for Social Security disability benefits, there is a very good chance that you will be denied initially. If you are denied for your benefits, do not just give up -- these benefits may be the only source of income you have if you cannot work.

You should reach out to a Los Angeles Social Security disability appeals lawyer if you are denied benefits so you can get the help you need to fight for Social Security disability income. 

What Happens After Your Application for Social Security Disability Benefits is Denied?

If your application for Social Security disability benefits is denied, you will not receive benefits if you don't appeal. If you wanted to try again to receive benefits in the future, you would need to begin the process of applying for benefits all over again.

However, you do have the option to appeal the denial and this is generally the best approach to take. When you appeal, the first stage of appeals is a request for reconsideration. During this phase, a new disability claims examiner will review your claim and see if you can be approved based on this secondary review. 

If the request for reconsideration still doesn't result in you getting benefits, you can move on to additional phases of appeal including having a hearing before an administrative law judge.

A Los Angeles Social Security disability appeals attorney can guide you through the entirety of the appeals process and can help you to do everything possible to try to get approved for benefits.  Contact an attorney right away after a benefits denial, as you don't want to miss the deadline for appeals. 

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Can You Get Social Security Disability After an Injury?

Social Security disability benefits are available to people who cannot work and who need income to support themselves because of it. These benefits aren't only available to people who suffer an illness that leaves them disabled, such as cancer or kidney failure. Benefits may be available to people who are injured as well. 

Whether you'll be able to get benefits after an injury or not will depend upon whether you can meet the Social Security Administration's definition of disabled.  A Los Angeles Social Security disability attorney can help you to determine if you should be able to qualify for Social Security disability benefits based on your condition and can assist you in applying for benefits. 

Getting Social Security Disability After a Work Injury

Your ability to get Social Security Disability benefits after a work injury will vary depending upon whether the injury caused long-term impairment. Benefits through the Social Security Administration are available only for long-term conditions, which is defined as a condition that will last at least a year or that's likely to result in death. 

If your injury only causes you to be impaired for the short-term, workers' compensation disability benefits if the injury was work related or state short-term disability benefits may be your only options for getting disability income through a benefits program. 

Your injury must also cause you to be so disabled you cannot do any job for which you are qualified. A Los Angeles disability benefits attorney can provide assistance in determining if you meet the criteria and can help you to prove to the Social Security Administration that your disabling condition should qualify you for benefits. Contact an attorney today to get help.

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