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Why is it So Hard to Qualify for Social Security Disability?

If you've become too disabled to work and started to look into qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits, you'll likely be dismayed to see the statistics. You'll probably come across data showing that more than half of all applications are denied, which can be frightening if you're counting on Social Security to provide you with income. 

While it is undeniably hard to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, a Los Angeles disability attorney can help you to take action to try to get the benefits you need. You should reach out to an attorney as soon as possible to maximize your chances of success. 

Why is Qualifying for Social Security Disability so Difficult

Qualifying for Social Security benefits is difficult for several different reasons:

  • The Social Security Administration has a really strict definition of disabled. You need to have a long-term medical condition that will last a year or longer or that will end in death. The condition has to meet specific criteria, such as being listed on the Social Security's listing of impairments, and you need to have specific symptoms. If your condition isn't a listed one, you'll have to show it is as severe. 
  • The Social Security Administration is strict about fighting fraud. This is why you need to provide detailed medical records showing proof of your ailment. 

A Los Angeles disability benefits attorney can help you to submit a detailed, comprehensive application that will maximize your chances of getting benefits. We can also help you to appeal if your initial claim is denied, so give us a call as soon as possible when you need assistance in trying to get Social Security benefits for your disability. 

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Are Social Security Disability Benefits at Risk of Running Out of Funding?

​The Social Security Administration currently pays benefits out both for retirees and for people who are disabled. Money to pay these benefits is kept in a trust fund and the Social Security Administration publishes an annual trustees report summary detailing how long the trust fund is likely to last. 

Although the trust fund for retirement benefits is different from the trust fund for disability benefits, the Social Security Administration generally makes forecasts for the combined trust funds.  The Social Security Administration has revealed that the combined trust funds are projected to be depleted in 2034. 

This means if you need benefits from the Social Security Administration, you have a long way to go before those benefits will run out. A Los Angeles Social Security disability lawyer can provide assistance in applying for the benefits you need. 

​What Happens if Social Security Disability Benefits Run Out?

​If the Social Security trust fund does in fact run out of money, money will still be collected from current workers paying Social Security taxes. This money can be used to pay out benefits, although it is not enough to continue to pay benefits at current levels so benefit cuts would have to occur. 

There are also various proposals to try to shore up the trust fund to ensure benefits will not have to be cut even in the future. For example, there has been a proposal to raise the cap on the amount of money on which Social Security taxes are collected and there have been various proposals to change how cost of living adjustments are calculated or to change retirement age. 

While it's unclear exactly what changes will be made, the key thing to know is you should still apply for benefits if you're disabled without worrying about the money running out any time soon and a Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer can help.

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Getting Both SSI and SSDI

You may be eligible for both SSI and SSDI benefits if you meet certain qualifications. This is known as concurrent benefits. If you are a disability recipient who is currently getting a low monthly payment (which typically happens if you have made low wages or haven't worked in recent years), you may be eligible to get concurrent benefits.

To receive SSI on top of SSDI, the applicant's unearned income must be less than $721 per month. The income limits can be very complex, and that's why it's so important to retain a disability attorney with experience in the field. In addition to income limits, SSI has asset limits. If you have worked in a job that paid taxes into Social Security which qualified you for SSDI and your assets and income are low enough to get SSI, it's likely you will be able to receive concurrent benefits.

Bear in mind that to calculate your eligibility for SSI, your monthly disability payment is factored in. In some cases, that payment is high enough to disqualify you from getting concurrent benefits. If you are getting a disability payment less than $721 a month, however, you can get both benefits at the same time.

The application and evaluation process for getting benefits is the same whether you are applying for SSI, SSDI, or both. Your income and assets will be reviewing in the same manner and the category of your claim has no impact on the claim processing. The definition of disability remains the same for both programs.

There are a few benefits to getting concurrent payments. If you are receiving disability less than $721 a month, your benefit could be increased up to this amount. You also may be eligible for Medicare as an SSDI recipient, but you should know that taking advantage of this requires waiting two years after you became eligible for SSDI. Most SSI recipients are only eligible for Medicaid. Although Medicaid tends to cover, on the surface, more services than Medicare, more doctors are open to taking payments from Medicare, making it easier to find a health professional. As you can tell, the process can be complicated. Obtain an SSDI attorney sooner rather than later to get your questions answered.

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