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Can You Qualify for Social Security Disability Because of Schizophrenia?

If you suffer from schizophrenia, chances are good that this condition significantly interferes with your ability to work and may make working impossible. If this is the case, it is imperative that you talk to a Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer. 

You should be able to qualify for disability benefits on the basis of your schizophrenia but you will need to be able to prove that your condition is a long-term one that prevents you from doing any job for which you are qualified and that your condition meets the Social Security Administration's strict definition of disabled.  An attorney can help you to take the necessary steps to maximize your chances of getting benefits. 

Qualifying for Disability Benefits Because of Schizophrenia 

Schizophrenia is considered to be a type of mental disorder, which means it is listed in Section 12.00 of the Social Security Administration's "blue book." The "blue book" lists disorders or medical conditions that can typically be considered severe enough to allow a person to qualify for benefits, provided that individual has certain symptoms associated with the listed disorder. 

Schizophrenia is listed in section 12.03 of the blue book and the blue book indicates you should be able to qualify based on this condition if you have a medical diagnosis of delusions, hallucinations, disorganized thinking, or disorganized behavior or catatonia. If you have medical documentation of any one of those symptoms and you are also limited in understanding, remembering or applying information; interacting with others; concentrating; or adapting and managing yourself, you should be eligible for benefits. 

You can also qualify if you are diagnosed with schizophrenia that is considered serious and persistent, you have proof of ongoing medical treatment and you have minimal capacity to adapt to changes in your daily environment. 

A Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer can help you prove you meet the criteria for being disabled based on schizophrenia, so give us a call for help as soon as possible if you want to qualify for disability income. 

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