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Do I need an insurance plan if I have SSDI?

Insurance or social security?

The answer is yes and no. 

Yes because an insurance plan will cover all the benefits which SSDI could not. Social Security Disability Insurance is a government run insurance program under Social Security Administration. But that is just that. It could not cover your automobile, cell phone, real estate or medical conditions not listed in the Blue Book as disability.  

No, because the Social Security Disability covers all of the major disabilities and medical conditions that could impair you for the rest of your lives. Most of the people who pay for other insurance programs rarely get to claim them as the process is just as vigorous as SSDI claims and the truth is, thankfully disasters like your house set on fire or an automobile accident are not that frequent.  

That said, the fact about SSDI is, it is an insurance plan that is being run by the Federal Rules by cutting taxes from your paycheck monthly until your retire or become disable or have a child disabled while you are still working. However, it is kind of your own money and hence makes it an entitlement program as opposed to Medicaid or SSI benefits also run by the SSA.  

 The tax contributions of a whopping 0.9% from your paychecks and similar from your employers go to the Disability Insurance Trust Fund which then pays into all of the SSDI claimants later on. However, the funds for the SSI come from the Federal government and therefore are a welfare service instead of an insurance program.  

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