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What is a Consultative Exam for Social Security Disability?

A consultative exam is a medical examination that the Social Security Disability Administration (SSA) may request that you undertake if you have applied for Social Security Disability benefits. A consultative exam is required if the SSA disability claims examiner does not have enough information on the basis of your submitted medical records or if you have not been to the doctor recently. The purpose is to provide the SSA with enough information about your medical condition so a determination can be made regarding whether or not you are eligible for benefits. 

You do not have to be afraid of a consultative exam, but you should be prepared for what the exam will involve. Your regular doctor can conduct the exam if he is willing, but will need to make sure to provide the necessary information the Social Security Administration requires.  A Los Angeles Social Security Disability lawyer can help you to prepare for your exam and to make certain that you submit the needed details to maximize the chances of your claim being approved. 

Undergoing a Consultative Exam

When you are asked to undergo a consultative exam, the good news is that you've moved passed an initial review of your Social Security disability benefits claim without an outright denial. Since more than half of all claims for benefits are denied, it is good news that you are at least being asked to undergo an exam. 

During your exam, you should make certain you discuss all of your symptoms with your doctor. You will qualify for Social Security Disability only if you have a severe qualifying medical condition and required accompanying symptoms as defined by the Social Security Administration. You need to have medical proof of your symptoms and of the severity of your condition.

A Los Angeles Social Security disability benefits lawyer can help you to understand the types of symptoms and the kinds of evidence required to prove you have a covered disabling condition. Contact an attorney as soon as a consultative exam is requested by the SSA so you can get help trying to get benefits.

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Living on Los Angeles Social Security Disability Benefits


Living on Los Angeles Social Security disability benefits can be a challenge. In Los Angeles, the cost of living is very high. According to Investopedia, the average rent for a two bedroom apartment in Los Angeles is $2,296 per month. This is more than the average monthly Social Security disability payment. 

While living on disability can be difficult, it may be your only option. People who are eligible for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration are too disabled to work and thus cannot earn a living.

You need to get help from a Los Angeles Social Security disability attorney if this sounds like your situation, as your attorney can help you get benefits as quickly as possible and can assist you in maximizing your benefits so it will be easier to live off of your disability income in L.A.

Living Off Social Security Disability Benefits in Los Angeles

While rent is a big part of the cost of living in LA, it isn't the only cost either. Investopedia also considers a number of other costs associated with living in this area of California, including food and utilities. Based on its assessment, meeting basic needs could require around $50,000 a year in income.

The Social Security Administration, however, indicates Disability Insurance pays out an average payment of $1,029.20 per month to those who are disabled. Obviously, this means annual income is much less for a person on disability than it costs to live comfortably in LA.

A Los Angeles disability benefits attorney can help you to explore all possible sources of income as well as resources available to you so you can maximize your quality of life if you live in the LA and are dependent upon disability to survive.   Call an attorney for help today. 

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SSI Benefits Could Help Disabled Children in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, there are millions of children who have disabling conditions. In fact, according to Disability Planning Data, there are 1,073,940 children living in Los Angeles who are between the ages of five and 24. Many of these children have costly medical bills and intensive medical needs. Their parents need to talk with a Los Angeles SSI benefits attorney to find out if there is an option to get Supplemental Security Income or other disability benefits. b2ap3_thumbnail_carla-00-1-1531588.jpg

Helping Disabled Children In Los Angeles With Disability Benefits

The Social Security Administration oversees a program called Supplemental Security Income (SSI) which can provide monthly income if a child has a disability. SSI eligibility is based on whether the disability is severe or not, as well as based on income. There are maximum limits on income which can be earned, depending upon family size, before you are no longer able to get SSI. Many parents of disabled kids have their work lives thrown into turmoil by their child's disability, and thus meet income limits for coverage.

Of course, not all of the million plus kids in Los Angeles are able to get LA disability benefits through SSI. Parents should talk with a Los Angeles Social Security disability attorney to find out if their child may be entitled to receive benefits. If so, an attorney can help you to complete the application process and get your child covered. The income coming in can allow you to better meet your disabled child's needs, so call today to get help.  

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