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Can I Get Disability Benefits with a Digestive Disorder?

Digestive disorders can interfere with your body's ability to absorb nutrition and with your overall ability to function normally. In some cases, your digestive order may be severe enough to make it impossible for you to earn a living to provide for yourself and your family.

If you have a severe, disabling digestive order that has lasted a year or will last at least 12 months, you may be entitled to receive Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. SSD benefits are provided through the Social Security Administration in the form of either Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). While it may be possible to qualify for either program because of a digestive disorder, proving eligibility is difficult. A Los Angeles SSD benefits attorney will help you to make the strongest application you can to show why your digestive order means you deserve benefits.

Can You Qualify for SSD Because of a Digestive Disorder?

You should be able to qualify for Social Security Disability income due to a digestive order provided you can prove your condition is sufficiently severe to inhibit working in any job you're qualified for. The SSA has a List of Impairments that are usually considered severe enough to warrant benefits, which includes digestive orders. Section 5.00 lists disorders of the digestive system which may qualify you for benefits including:

  • Gastrointestinal hemorrhaging which is severe enough to require blood transfusions
  • Chronic diseases of the liver
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Short bowel syndrome
  • Severe weight loss
  • Receiving a liver transplant

Not everyone with one of these listed disorders will necessarily be considered severely disabled enough to be eligible for benefits. The key question is whether you have the symptoms the SSA has specified must accompany the disorder and/or whether your condition prevents you from working. In some cases, you can also qualify with a condition that is not listed if you can prove it is severe enough.

A Los Angeles SSD benefits attorney will help you try to prove your digestive disorder should make you eligible for disability benefits. Contact an attorney as soon as you can to get help putting together your application.

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What to Expect For Your Continuing Disability Review?

b2ap3_thumbnail_medical-cross-4-971654-m.jpgThe Social Security Administration periodically conducts a continuing disability review for people who are receiving Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. The purpose of the review is to ensure that the individual who is receiving benefits remains severely disabled enough to still qualify.  You generally will need to simply submit medical records to show that you have not improved enough for your benefits to stop.  However, if the SSA believes that you may no longer qualify or if the agency is not sure about your continued eligibility, then you may need to undergo testing or a consultive medical exam. 

A Social Security disability attorney can help you to complete all necessary forms, provide your medical records, and take the steps you need to show the SSA that you should still be eligible for disability income. Your attorney can also help you to understand what to expect if the Social Security Administration requests testing or a medical exam. You must comply with the SSA’s requirements for continuing disability review, otherwise you are in danger of losing your Social Security benefits and not having the income you need. Your attorney will provide assistance throughout the process. 

What to Expect for a Continuing Disability Review

When your review begins, the Social Security Administration will send you a Disability Update Report (SSA Form 455).  The purpose of this report is to determine if there has been a change in circumstances or an update in your condition that should trigger a medical review. For example, if you indicate on the forms that your health has improved; that your doctor has cleared you to work; that you have not seen a doctor in a long time; or that you are earning above the SGA levels, you will likely be subject to further review. 

When you complete the forms, the SSA can request your medical records in order to compare your records to the answers that you provided both on your new forms and on your old case file. If the new records show improvement from the old ones or if there is a discrepancy in the information provided by you and your doctor, the SSA will follow up. 

If there are no red flags on your forms, that may be the end of the continuing disability review process. If there is an issue that the SSA believes needs further explanation, the agency will ask you to provide more details or to undergo an examination.  An attorney can help with any followup after your initial forms have been submitted. Call a Los Angeles disability lawyer about the review process for help ensuring you do not make a mistake that jeopardizes your income. 

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How Does an Administrative Law Judge Impact Your Disability Claim?

The vast majority of people who apply for Social Security Disability benefits will have their initial benefits application denied. This means that you will not be entitled to receive monthly income when you are too disabled to work for a living.  Most people are relying on getting Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits approved to provide necessary funds to live on when they cannot have a job. Not only do you need the money, but you also deserve it for working and paying your income taxes into the system.   b2ap3_thumbnail_business-signing.jpg

Fortunately, there is an appeals process that can make it possible for you to receive benefits even if your initial application was denied. An administrative law judge (ALJ) is a part of that appeals process. A Social Security Disability lawyer understands the role of an SSD administrative law judge and will work hard to help you make compelling arguments to the judge for why your benefits claim should be approved. You do not want to try to handle your disability hearing on your own, as the outcome of your case could depend upon your understanding of the law and the strength of the evidence you present. You deserve to have an advocate on your side. 

What is the Role of an Administrative Law Judge?

You will encounter an Administrative Law Judge during the second phase of appealing your SSD benefits claim.  The first step after having your initial application denied is to file a request for reconsideration. This simply involves having your initial application reviewed again by a disability claims examiner. If this reconsideration of your application is denied, you will need to request a hearing before an ALJ. 

The ALJ is not a federal or a state court judge. An administrative law judge works for the Social Security Administration and the hearing rules are determined by SSA guidelines. This does not mean that the judge is going to be biased against you and in favor of the SSA. The judge will listen to the arguments made and the evidence presented in order to make a fair and impartial decision about whether your application was properly handled and the decision to deny you benefits was appropriate. If you are able to make a compelling argument for why benefits are necessary, the administrative law judge may grant you the right to receive disability income.

A disability benefits lawyer will work hard to help you convince the ALJ to side with you in your hearing. Call an attorney as soon as possible if you have had an initial application or request for review denied so you can begin preparing your case. 

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Disabled Workers and Social Security Disability in 2012

The Social Security Administration has released a breakdown of the most common impairments for which disabled workers were awarded benefits in 2012.  The breakdown is as follows:

  • 35.4% of awardees suffer from Muskoloskeletal system and connective tissue disorders
  • 18.0% of awardees suffer from Mental disorders
  • 10.6% of awardees suffer from diseases of the circulatory system
  • 9.5% of awardees suffer from neoplasms (commonly referred to as Cancer)
  • 8.0% of awardees suffer from diseases of the nervous system and sense organs


The remaining 18.5% of awardees had other impairments.

For more information, click here:

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