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Reasons why your SSDI application was denied

Proper procedure to follow after SSDI denial

With the increasing awareness among people to claim their social security disability benefits, a whopping number of applications are received by the SSA for social security disability claims. However, the acceptance rate of applications remains under or below 40%. Also, after the initial stage of reconsideration or applications being shortlisted according to their importance, that number skyrockets to a flurry 20%. So only 20% of the total applicants actually succeed at receiving the benefits. But we have the good news here. The denial of the applications is not due to the government manipulating your applications to deny your claims. It is denied because of your own mistakes at not being able to file the claims properly. Here are a few things to consider to make sure that your next application is not denied: 

  • Inability of the ability to prove the severity of disability 

SSA uses a very detailed criteria to determine the severity of your disability. And it is your responsibility to make sure that if you have a disability you visit the doctor regularly and keep up to date with all of your medical records.  

In order to qualify for disability you may have to prove your inability to perform substantial amount of work properly in your application such as impairment, hearing or sight loss, inability to move, or conditions such as arthritis, asthama through your medical records.  

  • You do not have enough history to meet the SSA requirements 

Even if you prove your disability, your application may still get denied because you may either not have enough work history to qualify under SSDI or SSI or you may simply not being able to produce documents to prove it to SSA.  

Proper procedures to follow if your first case was denied 

The last point is parallel to the fact that despite being able to handle all of the above required documents your application is denied. In order to avoid that type of sad consequence, we suggest you get a professional attorney or a qualified disability lawyer to defend your case through the disability process.  


Contact our top-notch social security attorneys at Disability Advocates Group Law Firm (DAG) for more personalized assistance. 

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Worried about social security benefits? Here’s a few things to consider before retirement.


We all have heard this before, you are only able to claim your social security benefits after 62. That is the earliest age and if you are anywhere between the 60 – 70 years mark, it makes you eligible. Since you have so many options, one wrong step could cost you hundreds of dollars in your SSDI or SSI payments. Here’s a few tips to consider to strategize the time and claims of your application to make life after retirement as secure as it can get:

  • Maximize benefits: You can do this by delaying your social security as much as you can unless you really need it. You can start your benefits 3 months early than age 62 that is if you are currently 61 years and 9 months old. If you are not really disabled or in urgent need of that money, you can delay claiming your benefits as they would only increase overtime with the tax deductions made through your income.
  • Minimize losses: You can do this by drafting out the best social security disability plan.

It may be that you are an adult with not enough income resources, and may not qualify for social security disability (SSDI) since you have not been paying taxes regularly through your paycheck deductions for social security disability insurance (SSDI) payments. Said the case, you will become qualified under the supplemental security income (SSI) program since you are a person with limited income resources.

 Your best strategy before claiming any of the above mentioned benefits before retirement would be to know which do you qualify under. You can contact our attorneys directly at our Disability Advocates Group Law Firm (DAG) or you can read more on how to successfully apply for your benefits here.

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