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How to appeal to SSA’s decision after denial of Social Security Disability


Being disabled already affects your mental health and budget. Being denied of Social Security Disability benefits takes another toll on it. Here’s what to do if your initial disability claim is denied

  • Appeal for reconsideration

In most of the states in the US, you have the option of appealing for your claim to be reconsidered. By submitting the reconsideration request forms, which you can get through our lawyers at Disability Advocates Group law firm (DAG) or through the SSA examiner assigned to you at the initial claim submission. If that doesn’t work you can appeal for a hearing.

  • Appeal for hearing

After being denied the initial claims you can appeal for a hearing by the local Administrative Law Judge (AL J) which can take up to nine months or two years from the initial claim submission. Depending on the severity of your disability and medical proof, you may avail the option of OTR’s if you don’t want to appeal a case.

  • OTR’s: Our professional Social Security Disability Attorney’s at Disability Advocates Group law firm (DAG) can help you request an OTR (on the record) review rather than appealing for a hearing and waiting for months again. This would only work if you have sufficient medical evidence to show that you are disabled and do not need to provide any additional testimonies. The Administrative Law Judge will directly review your medical records under OTR and make a decision without making you wait for a hearing.
  • Appeals Council review through ODOR

Most of disability claims end when an AL J has made the decision. You can however, have your attorney request an appeal with the local Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) and request them to reconsider the SSA’s decision. You would obviously need to prove that either the SSA made an error, or there has been a change in government’s policies or federal law that applies to your case. Our lawyers at Disability Advocates Group law firm (DAG) could help you draft a case file that is favorable to you.

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