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Can You Get Disability and Unemployment Benefits?

When you cannot work because of a disability, it is important to determine how to maximize the benefits that are available to you. When you are trying to figure out how to get as much income as possible, you may wonder whether you can get both disability benefits and unemployment benefits at the same time.

The law can be tricky regarding different ways to maximize your benefits when you are disabled so you should strongly consider reaching out to a Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer to help you understand the types of income you can receive. An attorney can help you determine if you may be able to get both disability benefits and unemployment benefits.

Obtaining Disability Benefits and Unemployment Benefits

Technically, there are no express prohibitions in the law that would stop you from obtaining both disability benefits and unemployment benefits at the same time.

However, these different benefits programs are intended for different purposes. Unemployment benefits are supposed to provide income while you are out of work and looking for a job, while disability benefits are supposed to be available to you if you are too disabled to work at any job for which you are qualified.

You could, however, obtain unemployment benefits and disability income if you are too disabled to work at any job for which you are qualified but you are still actively searching for some type of job that you could do despite your disability.

A Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer can help you to determine if it is possible for you to obtain both disability and unemployment benefits given the specific circumstances of your situation. Contact an attorney for help as soon as possible to try to maximize the benefits you receive when you are disabled. 

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What's the Best Way to Prove You're Disabled Enough to Get Social Security Disability Benefits?

If you are interested in obtaining benefits through the Social Security Administration because of your disability, you will need to provide proof of your medical condition. A Los Angeles disability benefits attorney can help you to understand how to prove to the SSA that you are disabled enough to be entitled to benefits. 

How Can You Prove You Deserve Disability Benefits?

The Social Security Administration is very strict regarding what it considers to be a qualifying disability. You will need to prove you meet their criteria. The SSA has a Listing of Impairments, which is commonly called the "blue book." You need to show you have a listed disability or one that is as serious as the listed conditions. 

The best way to prove you are sufficiently disabled, therefore, is to determine if your condition is in the blue book and to make sure you have documented medical proof of the symptoms that the SSA has indicated must accompany that condition in order for you to qualify for benefits. If your condition isn't listed, your best option is to have detailed medical records showing how severe your symptoms are.

Your medical records will make or break your case when you apply for Social Security disability benefits. A Los Angeles disability benefits attorney can assist you in making certain you understand what you need to prove to maximize the chances of being approved for benefits and can help you to go through the application process. Contact an attorney today to get an advocate on your side who can help you make your case. 

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Do People With Severe Disabilities Always Get Approved for Social Security Disability?

If you have a severe disability that prevents you from working, Social Security Disability benefits could provide you with monthly income. However, not everyone is able to successfully get approved for benefits from the Social Security Administration.  In fact, even people with severe disabilities sometimes aren't eligible for benefits or do not get approved for benefits. 

A Los Angeles disability benefits attorney can provide you with help if you are uncertain as to whether you would be eligible for benefits. An attorney can also help you to make the most compelling possible case to convince the Social Security Administration to approve you for benefits based on your condition. 

Does A Severe Disability Always Mean You'll be Approved for Benefits?

There are different factors that will determine whether you will be eligible for Social Security Disability.  The extent of your disability is one of those factors. If you have a severe disability and you can prove that this disability both stops you from working and is a long-term disabling condition, you should be able to get benefits on the basis of that disability.

However, you'll also need to meet other eligibility criteria as well. For example, if you are applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), you need to have a sufficient number of work credits. If you don't have these credits and you cannot qualify based on a relative's work record, you won't be able to get these benefits even if you are disabled enough to qualify for them. 

Likewise, if you are applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) but you have too many assets or your household income is too high, you won't be able to qualify even if your disability is severe.

A Los Angeles disability benefits attorney can provide the help you need to apply for the right benefits program and prove you're sufficiently disabled. Contact an attorney for help today. 

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