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Is hiring a lawyers mandatory before applying for your Social Security Disability?

Lawyer for SSDI claim

Filing for social security disability is a vigorous and tiresome process already. A successful application is a well thought out and developed application that decreases your chances of denial. Hiring a Social Security Attorney is not necessary if you think you could file out the application yourself. But it does become a necessity if your initial claim was denied. In order to appeal your claim again you would need an attorney. However, if you hire an attorney in the initial process if would improve the chance of your application being accepted the first time by 65% according to a study.

 How does hiring an attorney increase my chances of success?

Since most people don’t know the proper procedures of filing out applications and submitting the correct medical records, do the paperwork correctly, follow up with the SSA Examiner, your attorney could do all of that for you.

Moreover, your attorneys could help in attaining the right medical documentation from your hospitals and represent your disability case more sufficiently.

 Your attorney could also re appeal your case to the SSA to be heard by a Administrative Local Judge (AL J). You can read more about that on our blog: Here is how to appeal to SSA's decision after denial of your Social Security Disability. At the hearing your attorney would make sure you present your testimony in the best way understandable by the judge. This will make sure that the judge understands whether your case was simply misunderstood by the SSA, or there occurred a shift in Federal Rules or that he/she understands truly how your disability has impaired your ability to work and why should you qualify for the claims.

 You can get personalized legal assistance through our Social Security Disability Attorneys at Disability Advocates Group law firm (DAG).

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