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Los Angeles Social Security Disability Attorney Weighs in on New Study Regarding Bipolar and Alcohol Use

As anyone who is familiar with the Social Security Administration’s rules regarding alcohol use and disability will tell you, a claimant’s use of alcohol or other illegal substances will make it much harder to win a Social Security Disability claim based on a mental illness such as bipolar.  Indeed, the Social Security Administration can use evidence of alcohol use to demonstrate that your symptoms are a result of alcoholism and, therefore, that you are not disabled.  A new study demonstrates, however, that individuals with bipolar disorder who consume alcohol do not actually experience significant changes in their self-reported mood states with increased consumption of alcohol.  While this study is not likely enough to dissuade a decision maker from making a particular decision, hopefully it will begin to change the discussion to show that alcoholism doesn’t necessarily interfere or increase bipolar disorder symptomatology.  Indeed, many individuals who suffer from bipolar disorder use alcohol or other substances in an effort to self-medicate.
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