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Can You Qualify for Social Security Disability with Back Problems?

Back problems affect millions of people and can be severely disabling. It is very common for back problems to interfere with your ability to work and it can be very stressful if you have a bad back and cannot earn income to support your family because of it. 

If you have back problems, you could potentially receive Social Security Disability benefits. However, because back problems are so common and many types of problems are hard to prove, actually qualifying for disability income can be difficult. A Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer can assist you in submitting an application that maximizes the chances of getting benefits, so reach out to an attorney as soon as you have become too disabled to work.

Qualifying for Social Security Disability Benefits with Back Problems

If your back problems are listed on Social Security's list of impairments, then you should be able to get disability benefits based on those health issues as long as you cannot work and can prove you have the specific symptoms the Social Security Administration requires for your impairment. 

The list of impairments is commonly called the "blue book" and it is divided into sections. Most back problems would generally be found within Section 1.00, which is the part of the blue book that deals with disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Disorders of the spine are listed as a covered condition in Section 1.00 of the blue book, as are soft tissue injuries.  

You'll need solid medical proof to show you have a listed disorder and the necessary symptoms so you can get approved for benefits. If your back issues aren't listed, you have to prove that your health issues are medically equivalent in severity to listed conditions. A Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer will assist you in making a strong claim for benefits so get the help you need to maximize your chances of your claim being approved. 

Can You Qualify for Social Security Disability Aft...
Can You Qualify for Social Security Disability wit...

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